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Незабываемый отдых с местной семьей


Our family has farmed here for generations. Organic farming is the norm for everyone in our region and the soil is so fertile that we can grow and enjoy a huge variety of fruits and vegetables on our various plots. We tend to over 6 hectares of organic arabica coffee, cocoa and tropical fruit.

We work hard every day to improve our crops and love opening our home to visitors from around the world. We like sharing stories, trading recipes and enjoying the simple pleasures of good company and good food.

Tourism is very new in our tiny valley but we are keeping things simple. Our hostel and camp site are private and exclusive and we eat with our guests as a family. It is our hope that every visitor to our farm leaves with a greater understanding of Peruvian family life and manages to experience something few tourists get to see.

We first had guests in 2011 and since then lots has changed; we have enjoyed our guests' company tremendously but this year (2016) marks a big change for us. Tatiana and I (I'm Andrew by the way, nice to meet you) have taken the difficult decision to return to the UK with our daughter Maya who is now 8 years old. You can find out more about this in our 'housebook' PDF which may now be available on the website if I've finished it. However, it's business as usual and my lovely sister-in-law is now starting to take over the day-to-day bits and pieces around the house. We're delighted that the family will continue to receive guests and we know you'll have an amazing stay with us. Below you can read a little bit about us all.


That?s me. I?m in charge of the website, emails and communications with guests. I?m British originally but now have Peruvian nationality thanks to my beautiful wife Tatiana who I met back in 2001 on my first trip to Peru. I?m an ex high school French and Spanish teacher, newspaper editor, radio editor, Tefl teacher and did my university studies in Brighton, East Sussex. I occasionally missed the BBC and Cheddar Cheese whilst I was setting up Yellow River but apart from that I was fairly delighted to be living in such a beautiful corner of the world with my wonderful family. I am now sadly back in the UK with Tatiana and Maya as my superbly talented sister-in-law runs the house now.


Svetlana and Nathan:

Svetlana is Tatiana's youngest sister and she is now our first official administrator! We were so happy when she agreed to take things over after announcing our move back to the UK to family late in 2015. Svetlana is an incredible cook, fantastic host and also a bit of a linguist speaking fantastic English and some Dutch which she picked up working with a famous Dutch singer and his family back in 2008. Nathan, her son, is a lovely little lad and can be sure to tell you in his own words about everything from the animals to what's going on in the garden. Svetlana loves interior design, fashion and travel and will be a perfect host. She will probably be involved as you make your reservation along with myself (Andrew) and will be there at the house to answer your questions. With the exciting arrival of a basic internet connection at the house it will also be possible for you to get in touch with Tatiana and myself in the UK should that ever be necessary. 



My beautiful wife Tatiana was born in what is now my brother-in-law?s dining room about 50 metres from where we live, so she?s very local. Tatiana has lived all over Peru and survived six long winters with Andrew in the UK before deciding Peruvian sunshine was perhaps a better option. ?Tati? as she is known, is a fabulous cook, loves to dance and was president of our local community for a number of years. She is an ace with a machete in the field. Champion tree-climber, Tatiana trained to be a primary teacher for special needs children and has worked in early years education in the UK. Her experience in Peru includes managing bars and restaurants and up until 2016 she pretty much ran our lovely hostel and made sure everyone was happy.



Tatiana?s father, Angel doesn?t look his age and he refuses to grow old gracefully. He is an encyclopedia on Peru in all its aspects so if you are interested in learning more about something it?s usually fair to assume he?ll have something to say. Angel speaks Spanish and Quechua but someone will be on hand to translate for you if you need to say something or want to know what he?s going on about. A handy gardener, Angel helps run the farm, looking after plant nurseries, planting new crops and he?s official washer-upper after dinner. A jovial chap, usually covered in mud, and he works the adobe oven when it?s in use.



Tatiana?s mother, Olga is another testament to hard work and good food making you invincible as she?s got more energy than most people half her age. Olga helps out her daughter in Urubamba part-time so she?s not always at the house, but she?s a wizard in the kitchen when she comes home. Olga?s parents used to own the land we live on, so she has grown up with this valley in her blood, and knows the place like the back of her hand. Olga is as tough as Angel and can lift a sack of coffee onto her shoulder like it was nothing. Olga speaks Spanish and Quechua also and loves to dance like Tatiana and did a mean waltz in her day.



Lovely Maya is Tatiana and Andrew?s daughter and has grown up here on the farm getting mucky and playing with the animals. She?s got a fair amount of knowledge about the things growing around us and was an excellent translator when Tatiana or Andrew weren?t around. Maya was born in 2007 and moved to Quellomayo when she was 15 months old. She took to life here immediately and is a funny, bubbly little ball of energy always getting into mischief.She loves the sunshine and usually has a lot of mud on her clothes. Another dancing fan.


Emory, Milenka, Tamara and Rodrigo:

Emory is Tatiana?s brother, Milenka is his wife and the other two are their children. They run a lunch service for hikers on their way to Machu Picchu and often pop in for a chat or to borrow something from our kitchen. Families are close in Peru and they are only 60 metres away through the trees so it?s nice to catch up with them. They live in Santa Teresa and travel to Quellomayo every day. Rodrigo is currently at university in Cusco (unbelievable as he was 12 years old when I got here) so we only see him occasionally now. One or all of them may be floating around during your stay.


Gueidar, Rita and Ian:

Another of Tatiana's brothers, Gueidar lives with his partner Rita and their son Ian in Santa Teresa. Gueidar is a chef but also drives a taxi and often brings guests to Yellow River. The three of them pop in from time to time on weekends or holidays to say hello and get away from the town for a while.